How to Create an Effective Data Recovery Strategy

Posted by Conquest Solutions on Jun 24, 2020 11:00:00 AM


Creating a business continuity plan is necessary to limit downtime while also planning for a wide range of scenarios. The loss of critical data can happen in various ways, whether your business is the victim of a phishing scam, hardware failure, or a simple employee mistake. An IT service provider can help your business plan for a wide range of scenarios and ensure that your company is well-prepared to limit data loss in the workplace.

Here are a few ways Conquest Solutions can help your business develop an effective data recovery strategy.

Identify Top Priorities

The first step in creating an effective data recovery strategy is to identify the most important areas of your business. Conquest Solutions can set up automatic data backups on the cloud for an added level of protection. The frequency of these backups can also be changed at any time, whether you need multiple backups in a day or once a week. Outlining the most critical data for your business is important in staying proactive and limiting the impact of data loss.

Stay in Communication with Your Staff

Communication is always important to the success of a small business. Each employee needs to understand their role in reducing the impact of a cybersecurity incident in the workplace. Assigning team members various tasks during the data recovery process is a great way to stay organized and avoid causing panic that can lead to additional mistakes. Conquest Solutions can easily create a detailed plan in advance to help your employees stay well-prepared for nearly any situation.

Keep Track of Your Inventory

Many businesses make the simple mistake of not keeping good records of their inventory. However, keeping detailed records makes it much easier to track your data and prevent it from falling into the hands of cybercriminals. You can use a wide range of software programs on the cloud to keep track of your data in real-time. All of this information in the cloud can easily be accessed by remote workers for added convenience.

Continually Test Your Data Recovery Plan

Always staying proactive by testing your data recovery plan on a regular basis is essential in keeping your business well-prepared. Practicing the response to various scenarios in the workplace will boost employee confidence and help you limit the impact of data loss during a real-life situation. Conquest Solutions also gives your business access to the latest technology in the workplace to make it much easier for employees to effectively respond to data loss.

 Understanding how to respond to a wide range of situations in the workplace is critical in reducing data loss. Always identifying your top priorities, staying in communication with your employees, keeping track of your inventory, and continually testing your plan all play a key role in data recovery. While it may not be possible to keep your business safe at all times, the use of a data recovery strategy is an excellent way to limit the devastating impact of a data breach in the workplace.


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